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Briefing on new school leaving examination rules

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On December 14, 2016 the State Examination Center held a briefing dedicated to final assessment rules of students’ knowledge (Grade IX) in general secondary education level. The Chairperson of the Council of Directors of the State Examination Center, Ms. Maleyka Abbaszade, stated that it’s already 9 years that new education programs (curriculums) have been applied in Azerbaijan and the textbooks used in general education schools designed on the basis of new content standards.

Informing the participants about new assessment rules, Ms. Abbaszade mentioned that according to the new regulations, school-leaving examinations (Grade IX) will be held by the State Examination Center in centralized order in two stages. Students will be assessed on Math and native language (Azerbaijani language – for the students whose instructional language is Azerbaijani, Russian language – for the students whose instructional language is Russian). In order to check comprehension and writing skills of native language (Azerbaijani or Russian language) 10 open-ended questions and 10 close-ended questions related to 2 texts will be presented to students. They will also be assessed through 10 open-ended Math questions; a total of 30 test items will be in the first stage. Additionally, students will write essay on a voluntary basis on the topic presented in the first stage. Essay marks will play role while getting honors certificate of general secondary education. In the second stage, the students will be presented to 30 tests on each subject. In total, 60 close-ended questions will be introduced to students in this stage.

The attendees were also informed about the recent release of the "Abituriyent" Journal. This release includes sub-standards of assessment standards of knowledge and competencies in V-IX Grades, the blueprint of school leaving examinations, sample test formats, as well as, marking rubrics and samples of answers.
In the briefing it was highlighted that, nothing changed for the final assessment rules in complete secondary education level (Grade XI). Participants were also informed about availability of online practice tests on the first round of school-leaving examination in general secondary education level via web site.
At the end of the briefing Ms. Abbaszade answered the media questions.

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