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Professional development seminars for inexperienced invigilators

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Starting from January 10, the State Examination Center (SEC) will conduct professional development seminars for invigilators with little or no experience of examination administration. The seminars will continue until the 1st of February and will be led by the experts of the SEC. The seminars are planned to be held in all regions of Azerbaijan and 4750 invigilators are expected to attend.
Purposes of the seminars:
•       to explain examination technologies and examination processing rules;
•       to survey personal qualities of invigilators
•       to double-check personal data
•       to emphasize important  aspects of managing examination rooms
•       to provide samples of problem-solving techniques by systematization while administering an examination
•        to reveal operative decision-making abilities of invigilators by various case studies
The invigilators attended these seminars will be invited to administer practice exams arranged by the SEC in 2017. It will help them to apply their knowledge in real practice. Invigilators with high performance in practice exams will be involved other examinations too.

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