Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan

National Assessments

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The State Students Admission Commission is trusted to be responsible for the follwoing assessements:

Curriculum Assessement 

  • The practice of teachers assessment and feedback sharing provide guidance and motivation for learners to become better prepared to learn;

  • Students are assessed both formatively and summatively.

Textbook Assessement 

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order on April 19, 2012 assigning the monitoring of general education textbooks, teaching manuals and other teaching methods to the SSAC.

School Leaving Examination 

The SSAC conducted recent school-leaving examinations of the pupils graduating from the general secondary education (9-years of school) and the complete secondary education (11-years of school) institutions, empowered by the order № 611 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan  on the amendment dated April 19, 2012.

Aptitude Assessement 

Registration for exams as well as admission process for higher education institutions and vocational education and training (VET) institutions is carried out online, which, as a result, not only simplifies application procedure, but also prevents applicants from making common mistakes.

Online Assessement

The State Students Admission Commission supports applicants in their self-study and preparation to examination by holding online pre-tests.

Practice Tests

The State Students Admission Commission publishes test item collections for Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Azerbaijani language, Literature and Russian language for both Azerbaijani and Russian sector graduates.

Recruitment Tests 

The State Students Admission Commission administers series of recruitment examinations to the civil service and state authorities in accordance to the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Civil Service”.