Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Practice tests

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Test Collections for different grades

The State Students Admission Commission publishes test item collections for Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Azerbaijani language, Literature and Russian language for both Azerbaijani and Russian sector graduates.  These collections include test items used in publications of “Abituriyent” journals, trial examinations in the years 1994-2014 and admission examinations to the following institutions:

  • Higher education institutions (on basis of complete and general secondary education);

  •  Vocational education and training institutions (on basis of complete secondary education);

  •  Military high schools.

25% of test items are new models and have not been used in any examinations.

New Assessment Resources

To provide an alternative testing resource for teachers to assess pupils’ learning outcomes as well as the degree of preparation for the admission test, a new workbook with two parts based on new curriculum was introduced. First part with open-ended test items and evaluation standards and second part with multiple choice items.