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Textbook Assessment

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Scientific-methodical Monitoring of Textbooks

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order on April 19, 2012 assigning the monitoring of general education textbooks, teaching manuals and other teaching methods to the SSAC. To execute the order a department made of two units within the Commission emerged. Approximately, 10 000 notifications and recommendations have been accepted so far on the textbooks of the 1st-11th grades. In order to enhance the monitoring of textbooks, the initiated methodology covered following directions:  

·   Trainings of experts from the number of specialists, who are not textbook authors;

·   Collection of information on textbooks provided by the representatives of the pedagogical community;

·   Initial inspection of textbooks by the experts who are not textbook authors;  

·   Comparison of the results of the 2nd and the 3rd stages of the monitoring (on behalf of the comments by the community and the experts);

·   Public discussions of the results of the comparative analysis;

·   Report of opinions, critical remarks and recommendations articulated within the public discussions to the Ministry of Education;

·   Analysis of the textbook authors’ comments by the independent experts.

Primarily, reference to the pedagogical community on the reception of opinions on the 1st-11th grade textbooks was addressed in October of 2012 and supplementary page ( was created within the SSAC website.

Another important consideration is “Derslik Portali” (Textbook Portal), the joint project of the SSAC and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. The Chairperson of the SSAC, Ms. Maleyka Abbaszade, and the Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Mikail Jabbarov, were present at the presentation ceremony of the mentioned portal which was held at the end of last year.The creation of this portal was another significant step in the process of scientific and methodological monitoring of textbooks.

 This supplementary page called “Derslik portali” consists of 3 sections:

-             Monitoring (final commentaries on textbooks of 1-6th grades prepared due to new educational programs and on 7-11th grades prepared due to traditional educational program are set in this section)

-             News (information about scientific-methodological monitoring of textbooks are set in this section)

-             Discussions (open discussions about textbooks).

So far 339.854 people used this website, however only 832 people shared their opinions after registration.

The SSAC developed scientific methodical seminars to promote open discussions of the textbooks. The seminars so far have held more than 200 consecutive sessions. In order to amplify the participation in the open discussions of the textbooks, the SSAC conveyed the correspondence with the stakeholders of this field: The Ministry of Education, the Institute of the Educational Problems, the Baku Education Department, the ANAS and the higher education institutions, and invited experts of relevant fields to engage in these seminars.

The active teachers from Baku and Sumgayit, the methodists, the ANAS experts on the relevant fields, the teachers of the higher education institutions, the representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Curriculum Center of the Institution on the Educational Problems, the chairperson, the experts of the Textbook Evaluation Council and the textbook authors have participated in an open discussions within the scientific methodical seminars. Simultaneously, regional teachers and methodists have also contributed their notifications and recommendations by video connection with Nakhchevan, Ganja, Shaki, Lankaran, Guba and Aghjabadi regional branches. The video record of the open discussions was led and the discussions on the several subjects were made public through online sources. Consequently, the final commentary was extorted in the result of the open discussions. The representatives of the National Academy of Sciences, the experts of the methodical departments of the higher education institutions, the teachers of the general education institutions and early childhood development psychologists, along with the experts, were involved in the formation of the commentary.The final commentary was forwarded to the Commission on Education under the President of the Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education, and was uploaded to the SSAC website.