Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan

About SSAC

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Establishment and Current practice

The SSAC, State Students Admission Commission, was founded in 1992 under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is constantly supported by the President of Azerbaijan. Since then, the SSAC kept growing and currently undertakes developing, administering, scoring and reporting of 35 tests annually. 

Mission statement: The SSAC is committed to improve quality of educational assessment and fairness of admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan based on its measurement and organizational expertise.

SSAC deals with providing high school exit exams, undergraduate, graduate and residency level entrance exams, a series of mathematics, native language and science assessments within a general secondary school education as well as aptitude tests, including IQ recruitment tests; all of these responsibilities are fulfilled through more than 400 test centers nationwide. 

In addition, the SSAC conducts review of textbooks, monitoring of core curriculum and presentation of quantitative research reports. The Commission also owns a publishing house, called “Abituriyent” and produces thousands of educational testing materials, teaching guidelines and researching reports for test takers, teachers, school principals and education management staff respectively every year.

Nowadays, the SSAC is known for its commitment to fair testing and substantial data analysis, which all together lead to advancing test takers’ learning experience, increasing equal educational opportunities for Azerbaijani youth and supporting professional development of teachers and professors from all over the country.