Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan


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The History of the SSAC’s Development

        When the SSAC was first established in 1992, no such institution or student assessment and admission practice existed in the Republic of Azerbaijan, nor the entire post-Soviet region. Thus, the SSAC was established with the intention for independent Azerbaijan to build its own national education assessment system. Notwithstanding, when the Decree on the Establishment of the SSAC was enacted in 1992, it is important to realize this was regarded as a legal act only. Even though the SSAC had been officially established, it existed with little progress for one full year. In fact, the SSAC transcended an enormous route over the next 20 years, building a strong foundation of capacity development in national education for the Republic of Azerbaijan.

      Since the SSAC was first established, the advancement of the SSAC may be categorized into three consecutive periods:

    Over these transitional periods, the SSAC went through the development of quality standards that progressively evolved to where they are today.