Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Professional Trainings

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To support the applicants’ independent test preparation, the SSAC launches series of instructional activities throughout the year. As a result of regularly held professional development seminars, conducted at the SSAC, scientifically grounded methodic instructions and feedback of council of experts, a wide range of scientific and methodical materials are being developed and presented to the use of applicants online, such as:

 a) admission study programs of all subjects;

 b) instructions on how to prepare for an admission exam;

 c) notes on inaccurate textbook content and insufficiently covered themes in the school curricula;

 d) content experts’ remarks on different themes reflected in the content study programs and other instructional materials.

In addition, a number of test samples and updated versions of curriculum on all examined subjects have been published. For example, within the project “Video Lecture”, lectures covering themes of admission programs, new models of test items and recommendations of experienced experts on different subjects were placed online on the SSAC’s YouTube channel. Furthermore, after the exam, challenging test questions were explained and common mistakes made by applicants were investigated and presented for the public on live TV program.

Regional branches of the SSAC have considerably helped to decentralize the administration of exam as well as the enrichment of instructional seminars. Due to the intensive involvement of the SSAC’s regional branches at the promotion of the SSAC’s projects, community of teachers working in regions has been not only engaged in the administration of exams, but also contributed to the course of scientific discussions and the development of methodical resources for test item writers.

Live broadcast, established at the SSAC’s headquarter, has already been connecting the regional branches of the SSAC with the main course, led at the headquarter since 2008, which provides an opportunity for the SSAC to encourage the participation of teachers and experts from regions in the instructional seminars on examined subjects, organized at the central office of the SSAC and enables the provision of reflective feedback from the experts, involved teaching curriculum to their pupils.