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Student Tracking System

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The Student Tracking System was created in accordance to the decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 23 February 2010. According to the decree software development and maintenance of the central server are assigned to the State Students Admission Commission together with other relevant agencies in order to ensure creation, enrichment and the efficient use of the System.

Recently, as a result of the joint efforts of the SSAC and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies the State Student Tracking System was integrated into the“Electron Government” portal. By such an integration, now citizens are able to get an e-certificate about their higher education or secondary education via the “Electron Government” portal easily. Once users are registered at the Portal, service users obtain accessible information, which is presented in an automatic e-certificate, including the following points of personal information:

  • Surname, name and fathers’ name
  • Date of birth and year of admission
  • Name of educational institution
  • Information stating whether the education is paid for by the state or by any other means of payment
  • Education degree (years of study)
  • Code, name of major and Enrollment status 
  • Current state of education
  • Serial and registration numbers of diploma
  • Date of issue of diploma
  • Level of diploma

After the introduction of the e-service, “The Extraction of a citizens’ background information from the “Student-graduate” state electronic data system”, it is easier and less time consuming to recognize the fake diplomas and apply to relevant governent agencies for the investigation of the issue.

It must be noted that the information in the “Student-graduate” state electronic data system covers the years 1992 – 2015 (present). As the SSAC controls the adoption of electronic applications and adapts almost all of the information to the PIN (Personal Identification Number) since the year 2008, there is a possibility of lacking some information for  the years 1992-2008 due to PIN.

The “Student-graduate” state electronic data system was launched on may, 2012. Diploma information of the citizens graduated before that date is uploaded into the system partially. To overcome this problem in the near future "Feedback" service will be activated and the users with missing data due to their PIN code will be able to send an inquiry to the responsible educational institutions. Based on the inquiry of citizen the missing bit of information will be uploaded into the system under the control of system administrator (SSAC) and after that it will be possible to make search with PIN code and get and automatic e-certificate.