Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Unified Admissions

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One of the key functions of the SSAC is the administration of examination and undergraduate admissions of students in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1992 in accordance with the Order #74 of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. 

In the beginning of each year up until the end of admission campaign, the SSAC starts publishing a set of consecutive issues of “Abituriyent” journal, which provides the public with relevant benefits.


The admission to graduate degree programs has been professionally implemented for the public and private universities of the country. Graduate education in the Republic of Azerbaijan is funded either by state-provided scholarships or private funding of graduate students, according to the respective decree of President of Republic of Azerbaijan “On Application of the New Finance Mechanism within the Higher Education Institutions”.

Master’s programs are grouped into different majors. To guide the bachelor applicants through the process of examination and admission, the SSAC publishes admission programs, admission rules and call for applications, recommendations and tables related to the major selection, test item samples, results of the contest, passing scores and other essential information in the issues of the “Magistr” journals.


The Unit of Residency develops the admission rules to Residency level of study. The Unit publishes admission programs for the Residency, based on the principles of higher medical education. The Unit is also responsible to prepare samples of items on the fundamental subjects and sub-concentration subjects of the specialty, published in “Rezidentura” journal. The materials are presented for the use of candidates, preparing for Residency level. Besides this, the sector proposes recommendations to help candidates in making choices of specialties on Residency level, based on programs, being prepared for the examination. The Unit also presents detailed explanations of test items found difficult by applicants and other materials.


For the years 1995-1998 the admission to the vocational education and training institutions on the basis of general secondary education was carried out by the SSAC in a centralized way, but during 1994-2004 this process was fulfilled by secondary educational institutions themselves. Since 2005 the realization of this process is entrusted to the SSAC again.

The electronic application to the secondary education institutions on basis of general education was implemented from  May 12 to June 13, 2014. Admission rules, call for applicants, list of undergraduate degree programs were published in the issue number 4 of “Abituriyent” journal.