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Residency Admissions

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In connection with the respective decree of the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic dated of March 18, 2010, the conduction of the admission to the residency was handed out to the SSAC for the further implementation in the centralized testing method. The admission examination conceptualizes in two stages. The first round aims to assess the candidates’ knowledge in the base subjects, whereas the second round is directed for the assessment of the knowledge of the specialization. The residency is the form of the preparation of the medical staff in accordance with the requirements of the base higher education.  

The Unit of Residency develops the admission rules to Residency level of study. The Unit publishes admission programs for the Residency, based on the principles of higher medical education. The Unit is also responsible to prepare samples of items on the fundamental subjects and sub-concentration subjects of the specialty, published in “Rezidentura” journal. The materials are presented for the use of candidates, preparing for Residency level. Besides this, the sector proposes recommendations to help candidates in making choices of specialties on Residency level, based on programs, being prepared for the examination. The Unit also presents detailed explanations of test items found difficult by applicants and other materials.

The unified admission to residency has been implemented by the SSAC using paper-based test system in compliance with the Order №156 of the President of the Azerbaijan dated September 5, 2009, on implementation of the “Law on Education” and guided by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “The Approval of the Rules on the Content and Implementation of the Residency Education” of March 18, 2009.

The SSAC has carried out several arrangements on organizational and scientific-methodical preparation towards the admission to residency education, cooperating with the Ministry of Health, the Azerbaijan Medical University and with other relevant organizational bodies. Provided the participation, the experts of the relevant departments of the Azerbaijan Medical University developed admission examination programs on the required basis of major subjects. Later on, the programs were published in the “Rezidentura” journal in Azerbaijani and Russian on January 24, 2014. Additionally, the SSAC presented information about “The rules on Admission to Residency” in “Rezidentura” journal . During the preliminary stage to the admission examination, the preparation of the materials related to the content of the examinations (admission examination programs and list of literature references), the outline and review of the test items and the formation of the test item bank were preceded. Besides, the experts conducted and provided video lectures on tested subjects online.

The second issue of the “Rezidentura” journal was published on February 7, 2014 and covered the admission announcement to the residency study and admission programs on major subjects.

Vacant majors, admission quote, samples of test items on core medical knowledge and major disciplines, explanation of some test items assumed to be complicated by the candidates, and academic recommendations were presented in the third issue of “Rezidentura” journal. Moreover, one of the preparatory events was the administrating trial examinations to enable bachelors to assess their knowledge, become more familiar with the structure of the examinations and get prepared psychologically to the examinations. The trial examinations were held in accordance with the format of the admission examinations.

The electronic application to the residency was implemented from February 11th up to 20th 2014, as a consequence, 1414 candidates could fill out online applications to participate in the examination. The admission took place in two phases:

-    In the first phase, the core knowledge of the candidates in the direction of the higher medical education;

-    In the second phase, the field of study was assessed.

The first and the second phases of the examination were conducted on March 30 and July 27 respectively.The quantity of 1013 residency applicants gained the right directing them to the admission contest; however, only 814 persons participated in the major selection. Consequently, 577 candidates out of the total number were accepted to the residency. The results were brought to the public attention online and in the forth issue of the “Rezidentura” journal and in online sources, as soon as the major selection process finalized. 

Residency Admissions 




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