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Collaboration on Test Printing

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In 2012, SSAC has initiated a Digital Examination Production and Audit System (DEPAAS) project, intended to improve the quality of printed materials, to enable greater flexibility in examination booklet production, including personalized booklets, and to increase the protection of examination materials through fully automated solution, that requires no human intervention. The main objective of the DEPAAS project was to produce personalized examination booklets for each examinee, packed by examination halls, for all kinds of examinations administered by the SSAC, in fully automated way. Within this system each test taker’s booklet is compiled from a number of parts and equipped with all necessary personal data related to that test taker, both in open and encoded form. This ensures more flexibility as it lifts the restrictions imposed by limited number of predefined booklets. Personalized operation allows for including written tasks in the examinations, which require further scanning. Fully automated production adds a layer of security to the entire examination process. 

Single line of the system consists of two printers, two booklet makers, two conveying systems, a wrapper and a boxing system. Dutch-made Canon/Océ printers are equipped with unique, industry-leading Gemini Instant Duplex Technology, which enables both sides of a page to be printed simultaneously. This provides ultra-high speed printing combined with highest level of reliability. US made Kirk-Rudy conveying system are ideal for conveying any type of booklet from Canon/Océ bookletmakers up until a wrapper. British-made IMM i300 poly wrapper is used as a packaging automation solution. It is planned to add a boxing component to the system as well, which will be responsible for placing booklets, packed by examination halls, into specially designed boxes and marking them with special labels with examination venue information on them.

DEPAAS system assures that each test taker's booklet will be printed properly and packed correctly in the package of the hall where that particular test taker will have an exam. This is done through control cameras installed at all stages of booklet production. Complete traceability of the document-creation process is ensured by software developed by Axode, a French-based world-leader specialized in monitoring of the document-printing process using cameras.