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UNESCO's Institute of Statistics

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The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is the statistical office of UNESCO and the UN depository for global statistics in the fields of education, science and technology, culture, and communication. Established in 1999, the UIS was created to produce the timely, accurate and policy-relevant statistics needed in today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing social, political and economic environments.

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution have joined efforts to convene the Learning Metrics Task Force. The overarching objective of the project is to create a shift in the global conversation on education from a focus on access to access plus learning. Based on recommendations by technical working groups and input from broad global consultations, the task force works to ensure that learning becomes a central component of the post-2015 global development agenda and to make recommendations for common goals to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for children and youth worldwide.

Based in Montreal (Canada), the UIS is the official data source for the education-related targets of the Millennium Development Goals and Education for All. More than 200 countries and territories participate in the annual UIS education survey, which is the basis for calculating a wide range of indicators – from female enrollment in primary education to the mobility of tertiary level students. The Institute serves Member States and the UN system, as well as intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, universities and citizens interested in high-quality data.

It must be noted that in International Conferences the contributions of the SSAC within the Learning Metrics Task Force, coordinated by the UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics and to the Center for Universal Education of the Brookings University were mentioned and highly appreciated.

Furthermore the SSAC was recognized as the leading partner of the Target group for its educational indicators by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and by the Center for Universal Education of Brookings Institution.

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Target group (Learning Metrics Task Force (LMTF)) of Center for Universal Education at Brookings Institution is functioning since 2013. The SSAC was accepted into the LMTF as a leading assessment organization from the post-Soviet region. On the basis of this status the SSAC is playing a vital role in the management of a number of regional projects in the field of education and evaluation, such as preparation of training materials in the field of evaluation in the Central Asian countries, implementation of training, preparation of evaluation catalog over different countries and application of many other issues by the SSA Commission. The structure of LMTF consists of secretariat, small advisory committee, group members of large organizations and various working groups convened by the partner organizations. As a member of the Target group, Learning Metrics Task Force, participation of the SSAC in virtual briefings and direct participation in working groups, regularly throughout the year, is planned. During the events stated above the LMTF members regularly come together in order to exchange their experience and discuss innovation, success and problems arisen.

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