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Providing Transparency of Admission Process and Informing the Public

The State Commission gives particular importance to thorough informative campaigns of the public at all the stages of the admission process, transparency of the admission procedures. The measures that were carried out with this purpose could be briefly concluded as follows: 

  • Always keeping the content of examinations easily accessible: the admission programs on subjects, interpretation of difficult test items, samples of test items, test booklets which were used in the trial examinations, collections of test items used in previous years of examinations, their electronic versions and different teaching aids that were prepared and made publicly available resource of information.
  • All procedures of admission campaign (from the adds of examination and admission to the end of placements) and in parts, its different stages were systematically covered online, in “Abiturient” journal and other means of mass media;
  • Weekly briefings and press conferences for mass media representatives were arranged at in the Commission during the admission campaign;
  • The issues which are interesting for the public were covered by the administration and representatives of the SSAC on “Abiturient” journal and other press bodies, on television programs, during admission campaign; 
  • Each examination is observed by a number of journalists and the results of the observations are gone on media too; 
  • Directions of the addresses of the examination buildings in map are placed in special issue of “Abiturient” journal as well as on the Commission’s website in order to guide applicants to find out the locations of the examination buildings easier;
  • By allowing the applicants (applying for bachelor/undergraduate programs) to take their test booklets at the end of the admission examination, all opportunities are provided for the applicants to research the notes in their booklets, check answers and calculate their score until the examination results are reported.
  • Information on all today’s emerging problems of the admission campaign is constantly highlighted on the website of the Commission and on “Abiturient” journal;  
  • Providing service of information exchange on the Commission’s website everyone is given an opportunity to obtain answers on the inquiries regarding the admission procedures; 
  • Applicants are enabled to acquire the results of admission and trial examination conveniently via the website of the Commission.
  • The examination process is demonstrated on the website of the SSAC;

One of the projects presented by the Commission to applicants and generally to public is “Abiturient” TV program that is broadcasted on local “Space” TV channel. This program has been on the air since 2005 and during the admission campaign it is broadcasted on live, where the administration of the Commission, responsible officials and experts present their speeches and answer numerous questions raised by the public audience. 

Along with informative guidance to the public, on every specialty group and variants of test booklets, the correct answers of the test items of the examination booklet are reported per each section/subject on live broadcasting in the evening of admission examination day. Furthermore a detailed explanation is provided on different test items. Thus, it gives applicants a possibility to calculate their scores until the results are reported, which is an exciting process for applicants.

In general, the Commission pays special attention to effective enlightenment of the public during the course of the admission campaign. While in the early years of the SSAC’s activity people had to come to the Commission to get information about the admission or to register for the trial examinations, at present, the placement of all the processes online has enabled to provide citizens’ convenience, save their time and financial resources. 

All the innovations associated with the examinations, examination rules, information and reports about the examinations are communicated to the public through “Abiturient” journal, other means of mass media and the SSAC’s website. During the admission campaign, weekly press conferences are held in the Commission. More than 50 representatives of mass media are accredited for observing the exams and necessary conditions are created for them to observe and enlighten the process.